Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Trails

Plans are made and lists  are being checked. Soon we will be packing the Yaris with sleeping bag, tent, art supplies and warm clothing... and off we will go along with Misha (our Irish Wolfhound) and Bunny.

We are heading southwest. To Santa Fe, Taos and the Silver City, New Mexico. Adding our voices to the wind [Clash of Cultures] along this trail taken by ever so many other travelers and adventurers... Families and fortune hunters... Native Americans and Spaniards... through the centuries.

This is the Santa Fe Trail with our overlay of the modern highway system. The history of the trail as an overland route to the west starts in the 1820's and extends into the 1870's. It was then that the iron horse took over (but that's another story).

We will pick it up somewhere in Kansas and see what we find along our way.

I've taken some artistic license with this old map illustration.

The Google route map that we are planning on following.

First we will have to get to get that far through some snow that is coming east on Thursday, March 7th the day of our departure from Canaan.

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