Sunday, March 10, 2013

On the Trail: Larned, KS

There was snow falling when we left Larned, Kansas. It coated the Yaris with aN icy wet mix. The wind was picking up as well. The forecast called for "...light snow with wind gusts up to 60 mph and visibility reduced to 2 miles"... We joked that we don't have 2 miles of clear road at anytime where we come from. How little we know of driving in wind blown snow.

By the time we were in it... it was too late. The wind was blowing light snow so hard that it seemed like we were in the middle of a blizzard or hurricane of snow. 

The danger that we had put ourselves in was made real when a semi tractor trailer suddenly emerged from the blinding white wind driven snow and sped by going east in the oncoming lane. Even his lights were not visible through the white until he was shooting past me.

By dawn the road was icy strips with a tumbleweed every now and then rolling across. 

Now at least we could see these fanciful objects as they approached. Last night it was very disconcerting having them just appear blowing across the white road out of the roadside blackness.

Near Spearville scores of wind turbines began to resolve out of the snowy mist and wind.

How did those Santa Fe travelers ever survive the months of unknown weather patterns! To be caught out on the Trail in a wagon in a storm like we drove through in these early morning hours and survive would have been nothing short of a miracle. It was only by chance we survived.

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