Monday, March 25, 2013

Across Mississippi

Across the Big Muddy.

Vicksburg, Mississippi has a little lovely historic downtown but a great number of the buildings are either for sale or for rent. What gives? There is a casino downtown right on the river but it hasn't helped. Probably because true to form casino visitors hardly ever venture out of the all encompassing casino environment. Throw the gamblers out! Get the artists is in! 

Many streets are brick.

CokaCola has some ties to Vicksburg too as the first city to have bottled the brew outside of Atlanta.

This is the mural project along the river front. Learn more about the murals here.

Back from the historic downtown are many beautiful buildings and homes. Many of which are also for sale. Attention southerners! This city needs you!

We continued our crossing as the sun went down in the west behind us.

No time to stop off in Jackson so we missed some important civil rights history, but here is a link.

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