Thursday, March 7, 2013

Egg Drop Corn Soup

Welcome To the mid-west!

Time for dinner as we settled into our Motel 6 * room in Columbus, Ohio.

We ordered in some Chinese food.  I thought some soup would be great. My favorite is Egg Drop. 

Hummmm, tastes a little strange. 
Is that a kernel?
Is that a kernel of Corn? 
A corn based Egg Drop Soup?

Yes, welcome to the mid-west!

* Note to self... ask about the proximity of a train track to the room you are about to sleep in and about how often the train runs by. Note to self... Joey and Misha don't seem to mind. They are both off to the races.


  1. It has been great fun seeing all the prep and especially photos of Misha. Bernie, you do need to sleep!!Mo

  2. Thought I had commented a few days ago, but did it under a Google account which I don't have! Our experience has been always to have fruit, granola bars, PB and bread to survive the culinary wastelands that you will encounter. My Cardinal rule: never eat in a restaurant or convenience store that also sells bait! As far as the train tracks, many older motels are placed close to the tracks, especially following old Route 66. Happy Trails to you! Can't wait to see you all! Laurel & Scott in Silver City, NM. BTW weather looks great for your week in Taos!


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