Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What to take?

What we'll take along on a trip like this has come down to, "What will fit in the Yaris?" So maybe the travelers on the trail had more space in their conestoga wagons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conestoga_wagon) but we do get to ride.

But we still have the same problems... What is essential? What will fit?

So let's prioritize... Joey, me, Misha (the dog back in the 1800's would definitely be walking), Bunny... sleeping bags, clothing, axe, rope... Of course in the 1800's they would have had to bring some farming tools, food to last the two month-long plus journey, a rifle and ammunition (ok, I do know some people who would be packin' today, not us btw)... Thank goodness there will be Walmarts and Home Depots along the way if we need something! And Piggly Wiggly (http://www.pigglywiggly.com/)!

The camping gear and more is packed...

Yes, that is a spare wagon wheel, I mean tire, in the wheel well. 

That green blanket didn't make it.

The blue blanket, matches, sleeping bag, shovel, cook pots, first-aid kit, dog run wire (and stake), old blowup bed for back of car and inside tent for Misha to lay on, hand axe, screwdrivers, bungee cords, ropes, two tarps. white cotton cloth for drawings, paper, 1/4" drawing board, duct tape ("the Handyman's Tool"), blue tape, turtlenecks, my Iowa winter coat, picnic blanket, tent lantern and an umbrella (always be prepared) - DID MAKE IT IN - and are packed in there!

Ok, Misha's bed is a little thicker (and softer)...

Now to get in a small thermos, flashlights, batteries, cooking plowls (these are half plate/bowl hybrid), mugs, small plates, small bowls, (all pottery, we don't use no stinkin' paper stuff) cappuccino maker (don't leave home without it) , Lavazza, hand-frother (3/4 cup whole milk, 1:45 sec. in  microwave, froth), dog leash, collars, toys, chew bones, pepper spray, nails, tiles to draw on, black Majolica glaze, acrylic glazing liquid, brushes, rags, jars for water and cleaning, our sketchbooks, Joey's scrapbook project, paints, pencils, my Day Book, Passports, Bunny (Bunny's sunglasses), spare eyeglasses, new iPad, old iPad, iTouch, cords, chargers. My backpack with clothes and Joey's clothes bag. Hats and scarves. Meds...

All the above I think will fit and go under the seats and in the side panel pockets with our clothes bags and the cold pack bag behind our seats so that Misha can look out between the seats to the trail ahead.

Yes, Misha we will get your food bag and bowls in too.

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