Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the Trail: To Council Grove, Kansas

The wide cattle drive street of Burlingame, Kansas.

"Council Grove probably got its name from a treaty with the Osage Indian tribe in 1825 allowing safe passage of Santa Fe Trail traffic through their lands. The town remains a treasure trove of historical buildings and events. Last Chance Store is a famous ("Last Chance for Bacon, Beans and Whiskey") supply site in Council Grove. Both the Conn Store and the Hays House, now a restaurant, on Main Street were critical to the Santa Fe traders who stopped after 10 days out of Westport or Independence." Council Grove

For more information see Santa Fe Trail Organization interactive route map at

This last photo is of "Last Chance Store" the last place where travelers could stock up before heading out into the frontier. The thought of stocking up because there are no stores beyond this point is almost impossible to imagine. Although it becomes easier if limited to gasoline. As we head further west we find the places to stock up on gas fewer and farther between. But then there is AAA to call. That may take some time but we will most likely be still alive when they get to us with a can of gas.

Back on the Santa Fe Trail of the 1800's though at that time "Last Chance" meant "Last Chance"!

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