Sunday, March 24, 2013

Across Texas

Continuing on Route 380 into Texas.

Red dirt country near Plains, Texas.

Cotton fields and oil wells. 

Brownfield, TX wide brick street and the Rialto movie house.

Reddy Vineyards.

Came down into Post, Texas and a more desert landscape. Who said oil is king in Texas?  Someone in Texas is really into wind power! The whole top of the mesa was lined with them. 

We had a fabulous jalapeño burger and onion rings (homemade batter dipped) at this little roadhouse place just east of Post, Texas on Route 84 on the Brazos. Very friendly and cold beer!

Take a good look at any grasshopper pumps you see out here because oil pumping will some day surely be replaced by wind turbines. The economics of the drilling, installing pumping equipment, storage tanks, hauling the crude oil to a refinery, processing and distribution to consumers cannot possibly compete with installing a wind turbine and hooking it up to the power grid and watching the earnings come in as the wind blows and the power is available to consumers anywhere on the grid. 

Into the Fort Worth,  Dallas metro sprawl.

Through Dallas but not through Texas (yet)...

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