Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The way home

Our Gadsden, Alabama to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania plan was put aside as we approached Harrisburg. We were too close to home to stop now. MARATHON! 

On we pushed through Pennsylvania and on into New York. 

We pulled up for a 2 a.m. breakfast stop in a diner on the western shore of the Hudson River just off Interstate 84 at the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge. Nice. Hit the spot! Then over the Hudson, east on 84, up Route 22, through Sharon, Connecticut to Route 7 and into Canaan.

Our road trip, trail odyssey and adventures have come full circle.

We saw a great many new places and met some very nice people along the way. Some like the chance occurance of meeting those two young musicians heading for Nashville with their Mom up there on Skyline Drive should have been savored more. I feel that I missed an opportunity for something there. But there it is, and there it goes, that moment. But I think we will all remember.

Our visit in Silver City with friends was wonderful! Laurel and Scott (and Buddy) were so generous with their time and insights.

The City of Rocks was just tremendous! It was like living in a different time when stone monoliths ruled the landscape by shaping the day as the sun rises before them, casting dark shadows, channeling the wind and forming feelings and songs as sun, wind, water and sky pass over them in an endless march through time.

What revelations and changes will come from this journey are yet to be realized. How will we apply what we have experienced? What changes will arise? Maybe that is why we travel so that we might glimpse the shape of our lives and be better prepared to go on.

Happy trails.